I will swallow all the pain
all the joy of this world
the whole strange mix.
I will bite
and digest it all
sending Love into the bloodstream
of the One Body.

Look at the plants that chew the rocks
and release the same minerals into my body
when they break against my teeth.
I too am food for life.
I desire to be broken
to be chewed
to be swallowed and transformed
into the bones
and flesh
and blood of the Truth.

Look at me.
Smell me.
Gaze until your mouth waters.
Let your appetite build
and savor the empty space in your belly.
Move from your hunger.
Come and take a bite.
You are not stealing.
You have been invited to this table.
Fill your plate.
Let me feed your heart with my heart.

-Meg Irsay

ps. Wiersz. Piękny wiersz…